Skills and Abilities

As a racer gains Experience Points, they will be able to buy and upgrade Skills and Abilities. A Skill is a passive effect that is always active, whereas an Ability has to be used consciously. Most Skills and Abilities have tiers, with latter tiers being more expensive but more powerful. One must progress through a tier sequentially (i.e. buy Tier 1 before Tier 2, and Tier 2 before Tier 3), but there is no penalty for starting new tiers or postponing a possible upgrade.

All Skills and Abilities of Tier 1 cost 5XP, Tier 2 cost 10XP, and Tier 3 cost 15XP. Since the tiers must be bought successively, the full cost for a Tier 2 is actually 15XP and for Tier 3 is 30XP.


Skill Tier Description


Ability Tier Description

Skills and Abilities

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