Starting Out

Every new character starts at a specific rank that reflects their previous experience and resources, namely Notice, Intermediate, or Experienced. A higher rank will always have more BP to spend on their starting car than a lower rank, but relatively less XP than someone who began at a lower rank and earned their way up. All characters should begin at the same rank. In the case of someone joining after the campaign has begun, they start at whichever rank most closely resembles the cars (BP) of the other players.

  • Novice character start with a 10BP car and 5XP.
  • Intermediate characters start at 15BP and 10XP.
  • Experienced characters start at 20BP and 15XP.

In this way, a Novice character will start with a cheap stock car (better than a 5BP jalopy, but not particularly good in any way) and a single Tier 1 skill or ability. Intermediate starting characters are assumed to have won, or at least placed, in a couple races already and, thus, have a slightly better car and more experience (enough for two Tier 1 skills/abilities1). An Experienced starting character has won enough races to buy a good car. They are also able to buy a Tier 2 skill or ability right from the start (i.e. buying a Tier 1 and following Tier 2 skill/ability).

Note that each car has a respective Cost Multiplier (CM); see Advancing and Upkeep for more details.

1 Alternatively, Intermediate characters may buy a Tier 1 skill/ability and save their remaining XP to upgrade to a Tier 2 later.

Starting Out

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